Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Benoit Blog

If you're a wrestling fan, watch the news, or have internet you have heard the story. Chris Benoit, pro wrestler, killed his wife and son, then himself. It seems now his wife and son were over the weekend and he hung himself yesterday. I'm not going to go into any story or anything like that. I never met him. I was always a fan of his work (in ring not so much promos) and had him in all time top 10 wrestlers in the world.

I have seen on message boards, sites, away messages, myspaces, etc.. with a lot stuff about him. Tributes if you will. I know some who looked up to the man. He was one hell of an in ring performer. He went thru a lot in his career. I do not get those who suddenly have huge tributes and such to him when before, he was an afterthought. I guess its like a bandwagon of sorts. Or maybe its simply showing respect and I'm a bitch about it.

Please keep in mind I am in no way defending what he did. He murdered two people and then took his own life. I've been depressed. I've had suicidal thoughts in my past. I cannot fathom killing a wife and son but depression does funny things to people. However to condem him to hell and forget all he did is a bit strange to me. You do not have to like him or respect what he did during the last 2-3 days of his life Over the course of his life he accomplished a lot in his chosen industry. While yes "predetermined" , it is an accomplishment none the less.

There have been some people insisting people are praising a murderer, a horrible person, drug addict (steroids), and other crazy things. Well I hope those people don't enjoy movies or music. Chances are they are fans of a few addicts. Watch TV for 24 hours and if you pay attention, I'm sure you'll find a lot to hate about celebs. No not just Paris Hilton either. That fucking cunt. Hell search the internet for celeb dirt. Although don't believe everything you read. Moving on from movie and music stars... politics? Bush sent troops to war. In some eyes, he is a murderer. I'll stop there before this blog becomes even longer.

I guess this whole thing comes down to two things. One, if he wasn't such a big deal to you, don't act like you followed his career for years and he was your hero. Its a slap to those who were huge Benoit fans and those who truly considered him an inspiration. Two, if you're running this "oh he's a bad person kick" think this... if one of you're heroes died and you read deragatory things, how great would you feel?

I miss the guy. I wasn't his biggest fan. I think it sucks we won't see him vs. Punk. I was really looking forward to that. No one knows what happens after you die. But no matter where or what, I hope that peace can be found... for all.

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