Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's All About the Wrestling: I'm Bored

I haven’t written much recently and although I haven’t there is a reason for that. That reason is boredom. I watch TNA, that is no secret, and I have very little love for the product WWE has put out recently, also no secret, but what may not be known to most people is that I am bored with wrestling, in particular TNA’s product. For me, when I got back into wrestling last year, TNA was offering me something different. Now they are offering me the same thing every week and that is not a good thing.

For the last few months in particular, although this started at about the new year, we have had Joe vs. Angle in some form or another every week. Sometimes they were pitted against each other, other times they are put together to overcome a common goal – with the express purpose of making them hate each other more. TNA offers roughly seven hours of on air programming a month, close to half of that is spent focusing on Joe and Angle. Sure, every once in a while I get Sting (like tonight vs. Robert Roode) and I do get Christian Cage almost every week in some form or another but for me I need more.

Sure Angle and Joe is great but I’ve seen it now for almost a year. I understand the desire to tell season long storylines but we need something more from TNA as well. What I need and what TNA needs is another 60 minutes a week. They need to be able to showcase their other talent; talent like Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Christopher Daniels (who they have wasted), AJ Styles, and their tag teams. If they can give me these guys wrestling as well their big storylines, maybe then I won’t be bored.

Sorry for the scattershot post this week but I just wanted people to know why there has been a lack of content from me recently.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Draft Lottery Revisited: The Winners and Losers

On the May 28th edition of *Raw, *Shane McMahon announced that there would be another Draft Lottery on June 11, 2007. For the first time in WWE history, the Draft Lottery occurred across three brands. Today is July 25th, one month and 14 days after the draft lottery. I thought it might be appropriate to go back and take a look at the winners and the losers of the WWE's attempt to restructure their rosters.

The first pick in this years draft was The Great Khali. Khali moved from Raw to Smackdown with his translator Runjin Singh in tow. A month and a half ago, Khali was being fed to the unstoppable John Cena. Now, he is unbelievably a World Heavyweight Champion. Khali scored a win in a triple threat match over Kane and Batista, and there is no doubt that when it comes to the draft, Khali is a big winner.

The second draft choice was The Boogeyman. Moving from Smackdown to ECW, Tazz was forced to feign interest in the bizarre superstar. Being placed in a makeshift tag team with Kane and feuding with Finlay seemed like it was not doing much for the Boogeyman's career. After getting the best of Matt Striker, Boogey has been served up to a repackaged Viscera, and while it remains to be seen who will get the better of this feud, it's fairly safe to say that this worm eater has taken either a lateral step or a step down. I would consider the Boogeyman a draft loser.

Next up was King Booker with Queen Sharmell. Booker was on the shelf on Smackdown, and has returned to active competition on Raw. Despite being an entertaining part of his new brand, it cannot be denied that King Booker was a legit main eventer on Smackdown, and he is lost in the shuffle on Raw. From what I have read, Booker himself understands this, and was against the move in the first place. During his last Raw run, Booker contemplated retirement. He seems to have found his passion again, however losses to John Cena, Bobby Lashley, and Triple H aren't likely to do much for his royal demeanor. I would not be suprised to see Booker retired and focused on his PWA by this time next year. King Booker is a draft loser.

Torrie Wilson was taken from the Raw brand and situatied on the Smackdown brand. As a non-wrestling diva, this seemed to be a wise move for her. Featuring her on the same brand as the Women's Championship was a little too much for one night's broadcast. Wilson is fairly irrelevant to whatever brand she is on, but she is being featured much more frequently on Smackdown, and that's a good thing. Torrie Wilson is a draft winner.

Chris Masters went from jobbing on Raw to jobbing on Smackdown. While this would seem like a lateral move, the talent pool on Smackdown is probably weaker than Raw, and this was supposed to be an opportunity for Masters to break out. Moving to a new brand and being placed directly back into the rut you were in before makes you a big draft loser.

Bobby Lashley made his way from being an ECW World Champion to feuding with Carlito on Raw. This is a tough call, because the brand is better, but position is worse. So the question is would you rather be a Raw midcarder or an ECW champion? Ask Johnny Nitro that question. I would say that Lashley has taken a step down since losing to John Cena, and with Triple H and Shawn Michaels returning, there is going to be heavy competition at the top. Turn him heel? Well, Ken Kennedy, King Booker, and Randy Orton are no slouches either. Lashley is now a medium sized fish in a big pond. On any other brand he would be a dominate world champion. On Raw, he is an afterthought. Lashley is a loser.

Ric Flair moved from feuding with Carlito to being an injured member of the Smackdown roster. Spoilers show he will make his return this week. Flair has a chance to wrestle new opponents, and possibly hold that big gold belt one
more time. With a World title picture that has Khali and Mark Henry, a tired Batista, and an out of position Kane, Flair actually has some possibilities. His biggest competition will be a returning Rey Mysterio. Flair hasn't had too much of a chance to show what he can do on Friday nights, but I am going to go ahead and call him a draft winner.

Snitsky moved from ECW to Raw in an attempt to make us give a damn, but I don't think it is working. This is another example of a medium sized fish moving to the big pond. WWE wants to push Snitsky much the same way as Umaga was pushed. The problem? Umaga is featured already on that brand and basically does the same thing with a more exciting character and offense. The pumphandle slam is about the least intimidating move Snitsky could use. From a possible main event ECW feud with Lashley to squash matches on Raw? I am going to go ahead and say it's a step down. Raw has a powerful midcard, and it will be easy to get lost in the shuffle. Don't believe me ask the next guy.

Mr Kennedy... Kennedy! You were money in the bank and a top title contender. Then you got hurt. You would have been in perfect position to feud withEdge. Heck, he got hurt, so it’s almost as if the wrestling God’s wanted to return the favor. Unfortunately you are on Raw losing matches to Super Crazy and Jeff Hardy. With Lashley, Orton, and Triple H ahead of you in line, it doesn’t seem like you will be holding gold anytime soon. In March, no one would have denied you being a World Champion by the end of the year. You could be that champion on either of the other two brands. In fact, those brands need you. Moving to Raw, a step down. Mr. Kennedy, you are a draft loser.

London and Kendrick were over on Smackdown, and were the longest reigning tag team champions. Now they are featured about as often as Cryme Tyme and the Highlanders. Why does the WWE insist on flooding the Raw roster with talent that can’t even get TV time. Your big mouths were the reason for the move. Who would have thought going to Raw was a punishment? For most of the guys that got drafted there, that’s exactly what it has been. It will get worse when the big dogs heal. I wouldn’t expect to see these on TV more often than any other Raw tag team. That’s a definite contrast from where they were on Smackdown. Losers...

Kenny Dykstra was a hot prospect, but no matter how much the smark money was on him, he still has a ways to go before he is ready for a run at the big money, and there are more than enough guys in front of him. When he ditched the Spirit Squad, I think he lost some of his interest. Kenny Dykstra?
Really? The good news for this kid is that if he remained on Raw, he would never get on TV. A wiped out Smackdown pool has to make some use of him. Slight winner...

Viscera. Talk about a big fish in a small pond, this is your guy. Not to say he’s a big fish when it comes to being over and having charisma. He’s a big fat fish. Well, ask Khali, Mark Henry, Snitsky, and Umaga what being big will do for you in the wrestling business. Big Daddy V is likely to be a dominating force on Smackdown. That is until they finally turn Marquis Cor Von babyface and have him pounce right through V’s fat milky man tits. Still, V is likely to get wins over the other 6 dudes on the ECW roster at some point or another. That my friends, makes him a winner.

The Sandman’s home is ECW. Why the hell is he on Raw? Well let’s face it, there was no homefield advantage for the Sandman. He was constantly getting his ass whipped. Now after a decent program with Carlito, despite the fact that it really had no build or purpose, he is looking to get a few singapore cane shots on the head of William Regal. Could it be that a move to Raw has actually benefitted the Sandman? I will say he’s a winner for now, but as time goes on, he won’t be able to hang with other stronger babyface characters like Cena, Lashley, Michaels, HHH, and Hardy, and he will probably lose a lot of face time. Before long, he will be teaming with Val Venis on Heat, and losing to the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Present winner, future loser...

Hardcore Holly. What do you do for Smackdown when you steal Ken Kennedy and King Booker right out from under them? Give them a heaping helping of Hardcore Holly. WWE is likely to give Holly one last run to get over as a main eventer. Why they won’t do this once for Val Venis I will never know.

Both men are stuck in their WWE Attitude gimmicks, but the difference is Val can wrestle and talk. All Holly can do is suck. We saw how believable of a threat he was to the World Title when he got a shot at Brock Lesnar. He must have some sort of dirt on some McMahon. When he comes back, he is likely to be a winner, although it’s hard to say, as the last time he was on the Smackdown brand, they hardly used him. I would say teaming with Charlie Haas is the kiss of death, but it’s really only hurt Shelton Benjamin. Holly’s career was already dead.

The Miz. Smackdown’s joke becomes ECW’s stud. Is anyone really buying this?
I doubt it, but facts are, Miz has a long undefeated streak on Smackdown, and is now being cast as a cool dude on ECW. Someone in the office this buffoon. Taking him off Smackdown is a good way to keep him from being overexposed as being the hoorah spouting doofus that he is. A little time in the ring on ECW is likely to get him primed for, dare I say it... a push on a greater brand. God forbid this is what we have to look forward to, but if we all take a serious reality check, it appears that The Miz is on his way to mediocrity, just don’t assume he won’t be forced down our throats before he gets there.

Daivari. What brand is this dude on now? Oh yeah, Raw. What is he? A crusierweight? Oh, well that’s stupid right there. Hornswaggle is basically holding this dude’s belt right now. Daivari can get over with his Arab-American asshole character, and I would guess that he stillgenerates heat just from that sweet Muhammed Hassan music he enters to. So what does he get to do on Raw? Nothing likely, because he will never show up on there.

Perhaps a Daivari/Melina vs. Maria/Marella match is in the works. Ah, who cares. Both of those guys and one of those divas should be on Smackdown, where the chicks don’t wrestle and the little guys have a title reserved just for them. The only way Daivari is remotely a winner is for making me realize that if Santino and Maria get hitched that her name will be Maria Marella. Daivari, you are a loser.

The Major Brothers. How green are these guys? Smackdown has no tag teams at all, and they still aren’t seeing the light of day. Well, by default these guys are likely to take the Smackdown gold from Deuce and Domino before becoming job meat to Festus and Ray or whoever they are. Since there were no tag teams or tag belts on their old brand, that’s a step up. You gotta think that there are three or four tag teams on Raw that would love to trade places with them. Winners.

William Regal. Smackdown reestablished Regal as a wrestler. Raw looks to reestablish him as a character. But will they pull the trigger? If he gets a run as a commissioner, Regal is a winner. If he goes to wrestling Duggan on heat, he is a loser. Speaking of Duggan, if his backstage segments on Raw are as lame as the one he just did with Duggan, he is an even bigger loser. Time will tell for Mr. Regal...

Victoria. She ain’t the lady to mess with. Despite having nothing to really wrestle for, she is ready to show why she is the best wrestling diva in the WWE again. The problem? She has no one to show it with. Still, getting constant TV time with her gal pal Torrie Wilson is better than riding the pine until you are needed to team up with Raw’s heel diva of the moment.Isn’t that right Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall? Victoria is in some strange way a draft winner. Now if we can only get her into Playboy by next march so she can get a women’s title match at Wrestlemania.

Jillian Hall. I think I said enough when I was talking about Victoria. With the return of Beth Phoenix, there has been literally nothing for Jillian to do. Still, somewhere in the rotation she will get a shot at Candice Michelle and the women’s championship. That has to be worth something right? A non-factor on both brands, I hate to call her a winner or a loser. She’s a linner, although I think that’s the meal between lunch and dinner.

Eugene. Oh Eugene, they still have you doing that same schtick. You weren’t one of the lucky repackaged ones were you? Too bad. You should havetaken a ticket to ECW. That’s regimmick city. You went from being a losing comedy character on Raw to being a losing comedy character on Smackdown. If something doesn’t happen quick, you will be a losing comedy character in the unemployment line. When you move brands and you don’t get over with a new audience, the most mention you get on is when they are wishing you the best in your future endeavors. Eugene, you are a loser.

Johnny Afterthought. You were the last man traded in the supplemental draft.
You were a Raw IC champion a year ago. Before the draft you were buying Kenny Dykstra fur. No one seemed to know what to do with you. No one seemed to care. You go to ECW and become a World Heavyweight Champion. I am torn about your new gimmick, because while it may be cool, Johnny Nitro had money written all over it. A cocky young Hollywood hobknobber? That’s gold.

There are at least thirty guys that needed repackaged before you, but hey, I am guessing that the corporate brass just didn’t see Johnny Nitro as a main eventer. Getting repackaged then is a step up. Moving brands was also a step up. You were last, but you certainly aren’t least. Much to the contrary. You are the biggest winner in this years WWE draft. The only down side? You don’t have Melina’s stuff in your face when you make your entrance anymore. Well, you can’t win them all Johnny.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Orton, New Pro Wrestling Illustrated

On news stands today is the newest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated with Randy Orton on the cover.

The cover story - "Orton Pays the Price in the Ring, And Gains the Fans' Respect" - was written by yours truly and discusses how Orton may have turned the corner with fans after destroying that hotel room.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Wrestler Deaths Hit Home

It started innocently enough: a group of stupid kids wanting to emulate their favorite professional wrestling superstars. Thanks largely to the dreams of one local promoter, two of those stupid kids would break out from the pack and become a legitimate force on the Indy Wrestling scene. As a close friend, I was lucky enough to get to travel with them on various road trips and meet a lot of great people. Now, one of those people I met is gone...

The first time I met Devil Bhudakahn was at a CWF show. Typically CWF runs in Monesson, PA. However, on this occasion, they were running at an alternate facility. The main event was scheduled to be the Premiere Players vs. Crusher Hansen and Denny Gregory. The show never started, as attendance was particularly poor that night.

Bhudakahn was very nice to me, as I helped the group tear down the ring. It was quite surprising to me just how nice he was actually, as in instances like that, I quite often felt like an outsider. Devil made me feel that despite the fact that I never would work a match, I was just another one of the boys.

I never got to actually see him work until 10/19/02 when he teamed with Glenn Spectre as the Devil's Advocates to take on J-Ru and Trevor Lowe. This was the infamous incident where I got a little too involved in a CM Punk/Colt Cabana match (which I would love to have on tape or find on Youtube).

I have seen Devil work many times since then, in BDW, CWF, and PWX. Many of my favorite local workers now credit Devil with helping them learn and develop a "cruiserweight style."

The last memorable meeting I recall with him was either at the PWX Anniversary show where Brandon K wrestled Devin Devine or at the PWX show where Daron Smythe took the Heavyweight title from Crusher Hansen. Forgive me for not remembering, but I know it was one of those two instances, because my girlfriend was along for the ride.

After the show, we went to the Gyro, and my girlfriend and I ended up sitting across the table from Devil, and I just remember being astounded at how well he and my girlfriend interacted. He went out of his way to make her feel comfortable at a table full of independent professional wrestlers, and despite their differences in philosophy and theology, managed to be really respectful and hold an intelligent and interesting conversation.

Details about Devil's passing have not been formally released at the time of this writing, but what I can put together from the blogs of my friends it appears to be a suicide, which is very disheartening.

I often have a hard time coming to grips with suicide victims. When someone close to you chooses that they have no other alternative, immediately you wonder why... You think what you might have been able to do if you better understood the situation. I am not saying that I myself was "close" to Devil, but I felt a certain camaraderie with many of the wrestlers I have met over the years.

When someone chooses to end their own life, I have a hard time deciding on how to honor that person. You want to remember your friend for the good person that he or she was, but you don't want to glorify their action, because you wouldn't want anyone else to believe that it's the best alternative. To me, suicide is one of the worst choices you can make, and the worst part of it is, you can never change your mind.

My understanding of Devil's religious beliefs will keep me from expressing mine in reference to his death. No matter who is right or wrong in debates about the existance of God or the way to practice their beliefs, I just hope his soul finds the peace that it was unable to find on this earth. I would encourage anyone who is suffering from depression, which seems to run rampant through the independent wrestlers I have met seek help, either from close friends or from a professional counselor.

It's very sad to see someone feeling so alone, and then finding after they are gone just how many people truly cared and were touched by a person's existance.

"Devil was a standup guy. He was opinionated, but he never offered an opinion in an asshole-ish way. He was a guy you could have a nice debate with, be it about wrestling or anything else. Hell, some of my best memories of him are not wrestling related - running into him at the mall and standing there talking to him for about an hour about his kids and our families. He could rub people the wrong way, but that was just how he was. He didnt pull any punches, but he was a good guy." - Nikita Allenov

"I wasn't as close to Devil as some were. But I was lucky enough to know him, be able to talk to him on many many occasions at shows, and even ride with him to CWF on one occasion. It's amazing to see how many lives he has touched, how many of the younger guys he helped along the way, and it is a testament to how much of a great guy he really was. To say he will be missed is an understatement..." - Jesse the Mark

"Devil is a huge part of me even being in wrestling. For that I could never thank him enough. When I left PWX in September of 06, he was one of few who asked me directly what was going on, how I was doing, etc.. He even, as I found, went to bat for me. He was a standup guy. He was always there to make me laugh..." - B.C. Steele

"While I wasn't as close with Devil as some, I am proud to think of him as and call him a friend. He was always a great guy to have around in the locker room, was always genuinely nice, and had a great sense of humor." - Dash Bennett

Those few meetings outside of the ring with Devil were memorable to me and taught me a great deal. I would have never imagined that he and I would be able to be friends, but he showed me that you can never judge a book by it's cover alone.

I think Devin Devine's words speak volumes:

"Today we had a great local talent taken from us. It is impossible to put into words the pain and anger everyone feels at a time like this. When all we can come up with is more questions that will never be answered, we need to remember that this was what someone thought the solution to their problems was. Devil was a tremendous worker. I always felt he was underrated. He was a great guy to make you laugh and he was an awesome presence to have in the lockerroom. It is hard to find someone who doesn't have a good memory of Devil. We need to keep a hold of that. Instead of asking "Why?" We must move forward. We need to know that Devil's personal problems do not make him any less of a worker, of a person, or any less of a friend.

Times like these make you realize that even those close to you may be having some problem or situation that they do not know how to deal with. We are a fraternity. A brotherhood. We need to look out for one another. We lost one of us today. Let's all take a moment to reflect on a man who gave 100% in every aspect of this business.

Devil, wherever your journey is taking you, good luck, friend."

For your viewing pleasure, here is a 4 way ladder match featuring Devil Bhudakahn, Justin Idol, Jason Gory, and Mantis:

Part 1:

Part 2:
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

What's in a WWE Contract?

Ever wonder what's in a WWE contract? Have a look at exactly what wording and clauses are found in a WWE contract by clicking at the link below, hosted at This one happens to be the contract for Shane McMahon from the beginning of 2000.

WWE Contract

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Soup Du Jour: SPECIAL War Time Edition

"When you hurt my friends, you hurt my pride! I've got to be a man, I can't let it hide...I am a REAL AMERICAN, fight for the rights of EVERY man"

How true that statement is. First and foremost let me get this out of the way. I do not in any way condone what was done at the Benoit house hold several weeks ago. I also have a firm believe against steroid use and abuse. So however this may sound do not get it misconstrued I am defending the industry and not and individuals freedom of choice.

I've been a a wrestling fan for many years. For the most part of those years I've been subjugated to the jeers from my peers about how wrestling is fake. I would always reply it maybe fake or it may follow a story line but I for one know that you cannot go into a wrestling ring and do a shooting star press, and for that matter body slam a 500 lb man. No normal human being should be able to do that! Pure and simple that's genetics at its best. If you perform either or both of those moves you might be subjected to a drug test.

The thing that pissed me off was when Nancy Grace was speaking on her show recently about wrestlers that have died before their time...(#1 who depicts what is whose time, depending on the way you look at things I believe its either God's decision or the Grim reapers and #2how did this list get compiled)...100 wrestlers she says. Wow I knew there was a lot of O.D.'s but a 100 it couldn't be that's drastic I mean really drastic especially if steroids were probable cause for death. So Nancy rolls this list on the screen while talking to Sable's husband Marc Mero. The list goes and I pull out a pen and paper to write these down and do my own research.

Here are the Names I wrote down:

Louie Spiccoli- who Overdosed on Soma and Wine... Chokes on Vomit in sleep. (no steroids here)


Owen Hart!?!?! - On May 23, 1999 he fell to his death in Kansas City, Missouri, during the Over the Edge 1999 pay-per-view event. Died from internal bleeding and blunt chest trauma. I remember watching this PPV and since Owen had been a member of almost every stable in the WWE over the past decade I thought it was a gimmick to join the Ministry of Darkness. Wish he did because I really enjoyed watching Owen become better than his brother Brett(my opinion).


Buzz Sawyer - heart attack

Crash Holly - OD pain killers

Kerry Von Erich - suicide

Chris Candido - blood clot from surgery

Yokozuna - heart attack he was 700 lbs!

Big Dick Dudley - kidney failure

Brian Pillman - - arteriosclerotic heart disease (Heart failure from plaque build up in arteries)

Latino Heat - died as a result of acute heart failure, caused by undiagnosed arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Benoit - suicide (roid induced)

British Bulldog - heart attack

Johnny grunge - sleep apnea (swallowed his tongue)

Vivian Vachon - Road accident

Rick Rude - OD GHB and Roids

Miss Elizabeth - OD on medications and vodka

Big Boss Man - heart attack

Mike Awesome - Suicide

and my personal favorite...

Adrian Adonis, who was killed in a car crash. When the driver, Mike Kelly, swerved in order to avoid hitting a moose and then blinded by the setting sun, inadvertently drove into a lake. Kelly survived.

So aside from Benoit, and Rick Rude (direct link to roids in death) everyone else's name was used in speculation as people that died under the age of 50. Benoit and Rude the only two directly linked to steroid use. These were just a list of names I recognized and wrote down. That's 2 out of 19. Come on Nancy do a tab bit more research on this. 1 word Wikipedia. It will tell you how they all died.

Also for the love of GOD please get the people who were screwed by the WWE out of the credible source of info for interviews. Mero didn't have as big of tits as his wife, gone. Debra, well shes a loud mouth, no wonder Stunning Steve Austin drank so much beer. Finally Superstar Billy Graham, the one who should be the responsible one and say hey my fault for mainstreaming this fad to be big and cut. You could stop all arguments by saying hey its my fault for grooming this generation into thinking "I need this to get ahead" instead of faulting the company for not having health benefits for you.

My Daddy always told me that if you have something to say you better stand by it! So Here is your special war time edition of The Soup Du Jour, served only to the bitches and snitches with a heaping load of my spit. ENJOY!

I find it Very interesting that during Mero's interview a fantastic screen sized business card is flashed, just in case you feel that you'd like to do some self improvement to yourself at the Marc Mero's Body Slam Training Institute in the "New Generation of Training".

I personally Like when they go to the Lawyers for their opinion. Especially When the woman says "the teenagers that emulate Benoit and emulate the Grunge". I'll tell you this if anyone ever emulated the Grunge I'll rip my skull open and stick my brain in a meet grinder.
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mr. Awesome... Awesome

If you read PWP, especially the Soup Du Jour, it is no secret how big of fans we are of Ken Kennedy. He, like Val Venis, has the total packaged. The difference is, WWE is actually using Kennedy to his potential. Wait, I take that back. Both are jobbing to Super Crazy. Anywho...

Ten days ago I wrote an article titled: Mainstream Media Misses the Mark. I did this mainly because I love alliteration. Baa-zing on the literary jokes!

Well, recently, PWP's resident hero stepped up to the plate again, and boy did he have a lot to say. Straight from, here are his comments:

"Please GOD, I'm just BEGGING for someone who has actually wrestled in a WWE ring in the past decade besides Jericho, Bret Hart, John Cena, and Ted Dibiase to come forward on one of these shows and tell the world what's really going on. For these goofs, like Lanny Poffo? Ultimate Warrior? and Marc Mero???!! to repeatedly act as "experts" and "wrestler advocates" on the current situation is like having a frustrated ex-jock who rode the pine bench throughout his high school sports career give advice to Brett Favre on how to improve his game! It's ridiculous, insane, and it really makes me sick that these so called reporters like Bill O'Reilly, Nancy Grace, and Geraldo Rivera, call upon these silly bastards who are bitter and frustrated that their careers have ended to represent the WWE which of course makes all of us look like a bunch of babbling idiots who are all addicted to steroids, drugs, alcohol, etc.

THINGS ARE MUCH DIFFERENT THAN THEY WERE FIVE OR TEN OR TWENTY YEARS AGO! Most of the "expert", frustrated ex-wrestlers that they've had on the show came from an era where everyone wrestled every day and then went out and partied like rock stars until dawn, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and marijuana, snorting cocaine, taking fistfuls of pills, and injecting massive amounts of steroids. They would take pills to go to sleep, snort coke or take speed to get up and do this day after day after day! This would not be even remotely tolerated in today's environment. We have a strict drug policy in place. The WWE's wellness program was designed and instituted by the same doctor who implemented the NFL and the NBA's substance abuse programs. Contrary to what somebody recently said on one of these "tabloid" shows the WWE's allowed levels are exactly the same as the NFL. (Someone, I can't recall exactly who said it, said that the WWE allowed a 10:1 Testosterone to Epitestosterone level, which is false. We have a 4:1 level exactly like the NFL and the NBA.) In fact, I knew of someone who took an over the counter supplement from GNC which he didn't know was on the banned list, which caused him to have an elevated testosterone level. This individual was suspended and fined because of it. We can't even take Ephedrine which is another legal supplement that can be bought at any gas station in the country. Since I've been with the company, I've seen the few people that did have problems with drugs either sent to rehab to try and help them overcome their addictions, (sent to one of the top rehab facilities in the country and paid for in full by the WWE) or be fired for repeat offenses. Look at the list of wrestlers who have prematurely passed away over the years, and most of them made the decision to live their lives this way. That's right, I said "made the decision" because we have this cool thing in the United States of America called "freedom of choice". I have the choice to quit my job if I don't like it, or if I feel that I'm on the road too much. I have the right to choose whether or not I want to break the law and use drugs. I have the right to choose between eating healthy food and exercising regularly and eating fast-food three times a day, not going to the gym, and becoming obese like a good majority of the citizens in this country. When will individuals be held accountable for their own actions? Will it ever happen, or will we always try and point the finger at someone else? Unfortunately as much as I respect the man, Superstar Billy Graham is ultimately responsible for the health problems he suffers from right now because of the choices he made in his career. I find it both sad and humorous that the man who many say is largely responsible for starting the whole "steroid craze" in pro-wrestling is now pointing the finger at the industry rather than blaming himself.

I, like everyone else in the company, have the luxury of being able to go home almost every week, play with my dog, hang out with my girlfriend, sleep in my own bed, and eat good home cooked food. This wasn't the case with these frustrated ex-wrestlers who are trying to grasp on to FIVE more minutes of fame and recognition.

I hear some of these guys talking about how the WWE doesn't have any type of benefits. I heard Johnny Grunge's widow on Nancy Grace saying that wrestling leaves you with nothing, and that two weeks after her husband was released from WCW that they lost their cars and their home. It apparently wasn't obvious to Nancy Grace, who is reportedly an extremely intelligent person, that they were obviously living outside of their means, and they weren't doing something that my parents taught me to do when I was a little kid……SAVE MONEY. This job pays well, but I know that it won't last forever. It's the same problem with pro athletes and actors in Hollywood who spend, spend, spend, like the money grows on trees and like it's always going to be there, and then falls flat on their faces when their careers are suddenly cut short. Who's fault? The team? The studio in Hollywood? I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for people who don't save money and spend everything that they earn so they can impress everyone around them with all the NEAT THINGS that they own. As far as the having no health insurance thing goes, I've been seriously injured twice since I've been in the WWE. Every red cent has been paid for in full by the company, which is the case for any employee who is injured during a work or work-related event. Yes, I have my own supplemental insurance which is a bit expensive, but if WWE paid for it, I'm sure that, just like every other company in the country that offers health insurance to their employees, I would just be paid less, so it's a wash!

In the end, we are all responsible for our own actions. Saying that Vince McMahon is responsible for the deaths of the Benoit's is like saying that you and I are responsible for the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and her son. The millions of people who tuned in every week to be entertained by "how funny" she was when she was all PILLED up and DRUNK, suddenly became the same people who acted SHOCKED and APALLED when she died of a drug overdose. Somebody, PLEASE, stop the insanity!!!!"

I dunno how you all feel about what you just read, but I think that it was totally awesome...

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My Uncle, The Wrestler...

Life can be very cool sometimes. For instance, when I was about 6 years old, I went to school and a daycare, and there I made a best friend. A few months later, he moved into an apartment two houses down from mine. I thought it was just about the coolest thing that could happen, until...

My girlfriend loves me, but hates wrestling. It's an interesting dynamic, considering just how big a part of my life the faux-sport is. Years ago I attempted to take her to see the WWE and some indy shows, and while she made the most of those events, she never really got into the product. I don't hold it against her.

One day, she came up to me rather excited. She informed me that her Aunt had been dating someone. Forgive me, but this news didn't exactly make or break my day. That was until I heard the kicker. She wasn't dating just any man. She was dating former NWA/WCW professional wrestler the Italian Stallion. God Bless America!

Immediately, the gears in my brain began to grind. Was I going to get the chance to talk about the wrestling business with a guy who had worked with Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Sting, and so many other greats? Was I going to be able to call him "Unkie Stallion?" Was the jacket pictured above in this article lying in a basement somewhere unwanted, so that one day it could become the property of me?

When I learned that I would finally be meeting the Stallion, I sorta marked out. I went through some of my old PWI magazines and my old tapes. I found a few PWI 500's and year end issues from when he ran the old PWF with George South. I found matches of him wrestling Arn Anderson and the Midnight Express on my VHS tapes. This was indeed sweet.

The Stallion had some stuff for me. Upon meeting him, he had brought a great deal of magazines of his own, admittedly from a bit before my time, but cool as hell. Magazines from Japan and various Apter mags that kept me from socializing and had me parked at the dining room table for hours.

The more I got to know the former World's Spaghetti Eating Champion (which I always thought was a rib, but now know that Gary actually ate a whole pound of spaghetti in like 12 seconds or something ridiculous like that), the better our relationship became. At first he was a bit reserved when it came to talking about the wrestling business. I don't blame him. He probably thought that I was some no-nothing shmuck who thinks Goldberg is the greatest wrestler ever. Once I gained a bit of credibility, I was getting to hear stories about "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin piloting a Cessna while high, and taking a few chops every time we said goodbye (Thank you Daron Smythe for conditioning me to this).

If you are a true wrestling fan, there is something about having a wrestler marry into your extended family that makes you act like an 8 year old who's dad is a trucker. Haha, that is a quote among quotes, but let me explain it. When he comes around, the first thing you do is run up to him excitedly, and wonder if he brought you anything. Make sense?

Well, Gary has brought me some doozys (Is that how you spell doozys?) I think he felt out my pension for appreciation by bringing me an 8x10 picture of Luna Vachon while we were eating at the nicest Italian restuarant perhaps in the whole state of West Virginia. Once he saw how freaking sweet I thought that was, he sent up a goodie bag which contained the following:

- A photograph of the Barbarian putting on his facepaint that I am guessing is from WCW circa 1991, but I could be mistaken.
- A promotional photograph of "Hands of Stone" "Rugged" Ronnie Garvin during his brief reign as NWA World Heavyweight Champion.
- Two black and white photographs of the Italian Stallion in action.
- An autographed picture of the "Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time" The Honky Tonk Man


wait for it...

- An autographed 8x10 of the Eighth Wonder of the World, the one and only Andre the Giant, totally suitable for framing, and likely to cause fights between me and my girlfriend when I want it displayed appropriately in the living room next to pictures of the children.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Stallion, let me tell you, he is an incredibly charismatic personality. His best days in the business probably came around 1985 or so. I didn't start watching until 88 or 89 (give me a break, I was born in 83). At that point, the Stallion's main purpose was to make other people into stars.

The Stallion had runs in all the major wrestling companies, including the WWE. While co-running the PWF, he was instrumental in giving current Smackdown superstar and US title contender Matt Hardy his break.

Most recently he can be seen on the WWE DVD release "Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen", teaming with Pez Whatley and Rocky King to meet Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Ole Anderson.

His thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy have been published in People Magazine. You can find more information on that issue here:,,20044655,00.html

For your entertainment, straight from YouTube, here is the the Italian Stallion taking former All Japan Triple Crown Champion, WCW and NWA Tag Team Champion, and UWF Heavyweight Champion, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams to the limit. (How sweet was the Varsity Club?)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

(Yes, that was Tony Schiavone and Lex Luger interviewing a very young Jason Hervey a.k.a. Wayne from the Wonder Years)
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daddy Phat Sacks

I didn't watch ECW last night, did you? I can't say I have any reason based in principle. I thought the old ECW was pretty cool, but even if ECW was brought back under Heyman's vision with the original wrestler I wouldn't be interested. Those workers had to constantly top themselves. If ECW was a constant product, I couldn't imagine what those guys would be doing now, and how many of them would not be able to walk anymore.

Still, for those ECW originals that remain, there is still plenty of TV time to job to guys like the Miz. On a brand full of young upstarts and broken down warriors, the biggest story of last nights ECW broadcast was the fact that WWE repackaged Viscera. Wooohooo *sarcasm*

Looking like a cross between Abdullah the Butcher, Rikishi, and Umaga, Big Vis is now known as Big Daddy V. From what I have read, Tazz and Joey Styles were not perceptive enough to indentify Mr. V as former King of the Ring winner and WWE Tag Team Champion Mabel, nor did they see any resemblance to the fat Ministry of Darkness garbage-bag wearing Viscera, nor the Pajama wearing World's Largest Love Machine.

Even when I was five I thought that commentators lost a lot of credibility when they see a wrestler repackaged who obviously looks the same and give no credit to his past. Papa Shango to Kama, let it slide. Dustin Rhodes to Goldust, no reason to mention that. Viscera to Big Daddy V? Come on now, just let the cat out of the bag already. Or perhaps let the elephant out of the room.

V was introduced as the pupil of Matt Striker. You know you are going to have a rough time as a teacher when the first student that walks in the door is a four hundred pound black man in spandex pants, suspenders, and no shirt. Now instead of really bad Striker/Boogeyman matches, we can look forward to insanely bad Boogeyman/Big Daddy V matches. That's ok though, for me-no-watchie ECW.

WWE has so many talents that need an overhaul, the most glaring example in my mind being Val Venis. I will again say what I have been saying for years. He has the look, he has the talent, he has the mic skills. Let him be something. Instead, WWE repackages Snitsky and Viscera, because apparantely they feel that Mark Henry, Umaga, and The Great Khali leaves them a bit short of their monster quota.

Big Daddy V did have a sweet match with Bobby Lashley on Raw before the draft that largely went overlooked by the internet wrestling community. Still, despite that glimmer that he might be interesting, I assume he will do the same lame offense, without that gay humping thing he used to do, coupled with being the guy that everyone has to team up on to throw out of battle royals. The main difference is now people have to touch his fat milky man tits.

How appropriate is it that on each pectoralis, Viscera has a tattoo of the moon and the son respectively. I mean, they are legit about the same size as the sun and the moon. If they produced light and heat, we would have the answer to the energy crisis. If global warming does exist and there is a hole in the ozone, we can all reside safely in the shade provided by Viscera's mammary glands. If you would like to see more of Big Daddy's fat milky man tits, please proceed to:

Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, Nunzio, and Balls Mahoney all jobbed on this show. The Miz however got a win with his cleverly named *more sarcasm* Mizard of Oz neckbreaker. Three words from the pundit? F that guy!

I would like to see Stevie Richards get an opportunity to do more, even if he is jobbing. I heard his match with Punk was good, as were the previous two encounters they had, which I think was the last time Richards got to wrestle on ECW. Apparantely his whole function is to make Punk look good. Too bad too, because there was a time where Big Stevie Cool could have been on the receiving end of that push. That will teach you to go to WCW and let them call you the "King of Swing." Now it's only a matter of time before your face winds up in between Big Daddy V's fat milky man tits.

The only question I have is, if Rikishi's move is the stinkface, what will be the name of Vis' titty smother? Nevermind, I just named it...
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Appreciation of Genius: Updated w/ Video

For those of you who may not know, the man pictured to the right is Lanny Poffo. As "Leaping" Lanny Poffo he would recite poetry and through frisbees to the audience, as perhaps the most effeminate babyface the WWE has ever had, and that is taking into consideration Brutus Beefcake's mesh stockings.

Poffo later went on to become the Genius, and was credited as the official poet laureate of the WWE. Eventually, I think Heidenreich tried to unseat him, but he didn't have the goods. Take this peace of gold for instance:

"Behold the barber what's his name with scissors in his hands
intellectually inferior and totally outmanned
he wants to give my genius hairdo unaesthetic augmentation
so I can be the joke of this World Wrestling Federation
all his cuttin' and a struttin' may be quick enough for some
but I'm the world's smartest man and Beefcake's double dumb."

Recently Poffo squared off with Hannity and Colmes on the subject of the Chris Benoit Tragedy, and his remarks were priceless.

Hannity: "Lanny, it seems to be that we have some wrestlers on who still won't state the obvious, tell the truth, that it was widely known in the industry that these were commonly used, these steroids. Will you admit that they are?"

Lanny: "I didn't come here to besmirch the reputations of some very great men. I almost don't deserve to be here because I'm..."

Hannity: "How about tell the truth about a problem where these guys may be affected in a negative way where they become violent and maybe help save other people's lives and other people from violence?"

Poffo said, "I want to tell the truth. Steroids are used all over the board and they're the worst thing in the world and I'd like to get to the bottom of it, too."

Hannity becomes irritated and wants to focus specifically on wrestling. Poffo remarks it's used in bodybuilding and baseball. Hannity didn't ask about bodybuilding or baseball. Hannity wants to talk about about Poffo's experience in wrestling.

Hannity: "It's a simple question."

Poffo: "Yes, steroids are commonly used. However, I urinated in more cups in the World Wrestling Federation than I did urinals."

Hannity: "Thank you very much for that information."

Dumb bitch Debra McMichael Williams talks for a while, trying to get her money right. She now accuses Austin of putting a gun to her head and daring her to pull the trigger. Oh please, you dumb bitch. If it's true, you should have said something 7 years ago. Now back to the real story.

Colmes wants to know if Poffo took steroids. Lanny admits to doing them in May and June of 1989, and refers to it as his "summer of his discontent."

He then goes into details. Lanny Poffo had two "very bad side effects" from his experimentation with steroids. He said acne vulgarise and testicular atrophy. "Now I'm happy to say that my acne cleared up. You'll have to take my word for it that my testicular atrophy is back to normal." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Colmes tried to interrupt before the testicle update and asked if he experienced any mood changes.

Poffo: "I am the most benign man you've ever met. I'm a freak in that nature."

Colmes asked if he's seen mood swings in wrestling. Poffo said yes. Colmes asked for an example. Poffo said no. Colmes asked why, if he was trying to protect fellow wrestlers. Poffo said he's healthy, wealthy, and free and has nothing to hide. Colmes asked why not try to shed light on the subject and help people. Poffo said he wishes there were not steroids in the world. Colmes asked if what he saw matches what Debra has described. Poffo said, not exactly on topic, that if it looks too good to be true, it is. "There is a body you get from natural bodybuilding and there's a body you get from freakiness." Hannity and Colmes were literally speechless for a second, then cut to a break. When they return, Colmes asked if Poffo was aware of doctors who would overprescribe drugs for wrestlers.

Poffo: "No, I wasn't really in the loop. I was always the road less travelled. I always went my own way. I lived by a little bit of a saying, 'I'll be myself or I'll be by himself.'" He said most of the doctors he knows are very good. "The ones that hurt Judy Garland, the ones who hurt Elvis Presley, they're more vile the putrid slime that clings at the gates of hell."

Colmes: "It seems as if they protested too much and had to come forward and exonerate themselves from any implication," he said.

Poffo: "That was a Shakespearian quote from Hamlet." He said the guy who went nuts at Virginia Tech didn't have muscles, so everyone was talking about gun control. He said blame Benoit. He said it's a panacea to blame steroids.

Colmes: "But we're talking about a culture, though, in WWE where everybody says this is what I need to do to have the buffed up body appealing to the fans and a culture of doctors that are available to wrestlers who can get this type of medication. It's not an isolated incident like Virginia Tech. We're talking about a subculture here."

Poffo: "I'm 52 years old. It must be some kind of world record for a wrestler." He said he'd love to see something like this to cause something great to happen - a ban of steroids all around the world.

Hannity: "Look, I agree that everyone needs to be responsibile for their behavior. If somebody takes a drug and it impacts them negatively, the guy who commits the murder is still responsible, but it could have an impact. If there's a culture that condones it, to prevent future murders or abuse, we need to know the impact on steroids on people. That's fair?"

Poffo then said we need to talk about spousal abuse. "You don't deserve to live with somebody unless it enhances both of your lives," he said.

Hannity called Lanny "Larry." Lanny corrected him. Hannity asked what kind of punishment a doctor should face. "What's the difference between God and a doctor?

Poffo: For one thing, God doesn't think he's a doctor."

Hannity said, "This is about helping these guys bulk up, pump up, so they can win these matches, right?"

Poffo said the best eight years of his life were in the WWF and he's very happy and grateful he was in it, but wants to see steroids cleaned up, plus smoking, drinking, and drugs.

For years I thought that Randy was the greater of these two brothers, as Randy has always been, and always will be my favorite professional wrestler. However, Lanny is simply Genius! Enjoy these videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:
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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Do you watch "TNA Today"?

If not, then why?

For the most part, it's entertaining. It helps tie Impact together at times and gives a little time for the guys that, may only be on once a month otherwise. More on This Story...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Randy Orton's Pro Wrestling Illustrated Cover

The next edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated (on news stands July 24) features Randy Orton on the cover with the feature story written by PWP's own Brady Hicks: "Orton Pays the Price in the Ring... And Earns the Fans' Respect"

(WWE is making Orton pay for his transgressions inside the ring—and the fans are finally granting him the respect he’s been craving)
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Monday, July 02, 2007

Soup Du Jour

What Monday Night Raw needs to do...Well what can they do, honestly? I'm one on of the many wrestling fans who still has a sour taste in my mouth with the whole Benoit thing. But as much as I'd like to blow off Raw tonight to see an early showing of Transformers the movie (yes I am a nerd, but everyone needs a hobby), in all likely hood I'll be at my house watching Raw and eating a Chicken Palermo Salad (went to the store)!

So Already announced for this evening is Santino Morello Vs. Umaga. Barf! Okay simply put WWE, you brought around Umaga as an undefeatable power, but now you have nothing to do with him. If he wins the title what can he do draw Lashley, Booker T, Orton, or even Jeff Hardy to boost up the I.C. title, well can't do that because then Super Cena will have no one to face (which in MY honest opinion is perfect because he is a safer to bet on than to bet on The Steelers beating the browns). So Easy solution Kill Umaga.

Cena, catch the flu or something so the world knows you are not perfect. Now your WWE Title can be up for grabs for against lets say Randy Orton, Lashley, and HHH (summer slam). Well hold your e-mails and text messages..."what about King Booker T" right? Well here is what needs to happen, King Booker gets pick pocketed by Cryme Time and reverts to hood to get even, and then eventually joins with cryme time with thebrooklyn boys to form The Harlem and Brooklyn Connection, a.k.a. the HBC. HBC then Fueds with The Tag Team Champs (next paragraph) and The WWE Champ John Cena who is accused of being a honkey.

The Tag Team Champs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch will begin to fued with the Hardys more and then London and Kendrick will join in. The three of these teams I can see being this generations or a poor mans version of the Hardys, Dudleys, Edge and Christian TLC matches. However the fourth team will emerge, Cryme Time, whose different style will catch these tag teams off guard. Boosting the Tag division to an instant fan favorite.

If this happens I'd be greatly supprised. All I want is a little variety in title holders. I don't like to going to pay-per-views and predicting the entire card with out seeing a match. If I had my way we'd see:

#1 a new WWE Champ I prefer Mr. Kennedy(when he can come back)or HHH or Randy Orton
#2 Santino Vs. Shelton Benjiman or Crazy or Davari or Jeff Hardy
#3 World Tag Champs The Rednecks fued with the obvious Racial Difference Controversy = Cash
#4 Hardys Vs. London Kendrick Obviously the world is not ready to see Matt and Jeff like the used to be I.E. London and Kendrick
#5 I want one or 2 stables I wanted a DX / N.W.O Fued so bad last year...But if Booker T drops the accent and joins cryme time that would be enough for me.
#6 Less womens matches as the match before the main event on PPV's

And I'd also like to see the Triumphant Return of the Soup Du Jour!
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Mainstream Media Misses the Mark

I have talked a bit about Nancy Grace and Shepard Smith in lieu of the Chris Benoit Tragedy. I have alluded to how WWE superstars are communicating through blogs and websites, while people like Brian Christopher and Lex Luger are brought on national TV in front of the mainstream audience for their opinions. However, the latest mainstream coverage I read astounds me.

Perhaps no one is better at sensationalizing the news than Bill O'Reilly. In the United States, there is certainly a liberal bias in the news. What do conservatives have as their answer to that? Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter, the two most batshit crazy pundits I have ever seen.

Last night on "The O'Reilly Factor", we saw an additional example of the media's irresponsibility, as news networks scramble to somehow link professional wrestling to the murders of Nancy and Daniel Benoit and the suicide of Chris Benoit. Here is a peice of the transcript.

BILL O'REILLY, HOST:* "Impact" segment tonight, Georgia authorities say professional wrestler *Chris Benoit *killed his wife, seven-year-old son,and then hung himself. The 40-year-old Benoit had a history of domestic violence, and cancelled a televised wrestling appearance just last Sunday because of personal reasons. Some suspect drug or steroid use may be involved in this case because *anabolic steroids* were found in his home. Joining us now from Chicago, former pro wrestler, *Jon Stewart*.

Now for as much as I know about professional wrestling, this one had me scratching my head. Jon Stewart? The Daily Show guy? Who the hell is Jon Stewart? I immediately went over to Wikipedia to further expand my wrestling mind, but shockingly even the mighty Wikipedia had no knowledge of him. On the show, Stewart immediately attempts to build credibility by making the following statements: "I've met him a couple times" followed by "I've known of him for 15 years."

Whoopdee crap Mr. Stewart, anyone who watched that international tag team tournament in WCW has more knowledge of him than you. You don't even need to go back to his time in Japan or Canada to outdo this so-called expert. Stewart insists that this is completely out of Benoit's character. You will likely hear that from most wrestlers and most wrestling fans, as legend tells us of how respectable and caring Benoit had been for the duration of his career.

O'Reilly immediately begins blasting him with loaded questions. "OK, but you did know that he was on steroids. And you know, once you get into that world of narcotics, illegal drugs, whatever you want to call them, your personality changes. Correct?"

Stewart's response? Yes.

The question is, was he responding to the first or second question. Well, if you are a 40 year old non-wrestling fan watching the O'Reilly Factor as you do every night, you probably think this is evidence of the evil drug abuser Benoit was. If you are a wrestling fan, you know that this guy has no business even being asked questions. Stewart later clarifies that he has never seen Benoit take steroids. That is likely because he only met Benoit at an autograph signing.

One of the rules of being interviewed is to never take the bait, and O'Reilly has Stewart as his personal wrestling representative puppet for the better part of the interview. O'Reilly speaks in long paragraphs and Stewart responds in one word confirmations. Stewart then cries out that the industry has to do something.

So who the hell is Jon Stewart? Well, we quickly learn of his agenda
of getting airtime in the face of the Benoit tragedy. This guy is the promoter of the new AWA. "at the AWA, if we have any suspected drug issues with any of our talent, they are immediately terminated that day. I don't even bother with a drug test. I don't want to see you around my company."

For those who don't know, the American Wrestling Association was at one point as big as what was then known as the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) which later turned into WWE. They broke in a lot of the best the business has ever seen, but when Vince Jr. took control of the then World Wrestling Federation (WWF) now World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and expanded nationally with a better TV product, the AWA could not compete and eventually folded in 1991.

In 1996, former AWA workers Dale Gagne (actually Gagner, and not part of the Gagne legacy that actually founded the AWA) and this douchebag, Jonnie Stewart relicensed the AWA name in the state of Minnesota and the AWA opened up as an independent promotion called AWA Superstars of Wrestling. They have taken it upon themselves to rewrite actual AWA history, giving Hulk Hogan not one but two former AWA title victories in order to establish more credibility.

In April 26, 2007 it was revealed that WWE has seeked legal action against Dale Gagne for the use of the AWA name, citing trademark infringement, as WWE owns the AWA tape library, so it's very likely both Stewart and Gagne have as many nice things to say about WWE as Lex Luger.

O'Reilly continues by stating that 60 professional wrestlers aged 45 or younger have died within the last ten years, and Stewart confirms this. This is a completely bullshit statistic. If they are are counting 60 guys since 97, they are certainly not just including active mainstream American wrestlers, and under those circumstances the numbers could be much higher.

There is certainly no data on every independent, Mexican, Japanese, and European wrestler to die in the past ten years. I listed the really significant younger deaths of professional wrestling in the article on my thoughts on the Benoit tragedy. Unfortunately, it was a high number, but it certainly was not 60, and they didn't all come from the past ten years.

Stewart then returns to shilling his product. "My AWA - my woman's champion, 47 years old, Sherri Martel, died last week of an apparent overdose. Bill, it's madness." I wonder if Sherri Martel even knew she was the champ. I seriously doubt Hogan knows he's a former two time AWA champion. Freaking Evan Karagais through down their belt and walked out on the new AWA, and I don't believe that he's the only one.

So there you have it, two nutbags trying to determine how much they can blame WWE for Chris Benoit's actions. That, my friends, is mainstream journalism at its finest. If there is any industry in America that truly needs reformed, look no further than your major news outlets.
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