Saturday, July 14, 2007

Soup Du Jour: SPECIAL War Time Edition

"When you hurt my friends, you hurt my pride! I've got to be a man, I can't let it hide...I am a REAL AMERICAN, fight for the rights of EVERY man"

How true that statement is. First and foremost let me get this out of the way. I do not in any way condone what was done at the Benoit house hold several weeks ago. I also have a firm believe against steroid use and abuse. So however this may sound do not get it misconstrued I am defending the industry and not and individuals freedom of choice.

I've been a a wrestling fan for many years. For the most part of those years I've been subjugated to the jeers from my peers about how wrestling is fake. I would always reply it maybe fake or it may follow a story line but I for one know that you cannot go into a wrestling ring and do a shooting star press, and for that matter body slam a 500 lb man. No normal human being should be able to do that! Pure and simple that's genetics at its best. If you perform either or both of those moves you might be subjected to a drug test.

The thing that pissed me off was when Nancy Grace was speaking on her show recently about wrestlers that have died before their time...(#1 who depicts what is whose time, depending on the way you look at things I believe its either God's decision or the Grim reapers and #2how did this list get compiled)...100 wrestlers she says. Wow I knew there was a lot of O.D.'s but a 100 it couldn't be that's drastic I mean really drastic especially if steroids were probable cause for death. So Nancy rolls this list on the screen while talking to Sable's husband Marc Mero. The list goes and I pull out a pen and paper to write these down and do my own research.

Here are the Names I wrote down:

Louie Spiccoli- who Overdosed on Soma and Wine... Chokes on Vomit in sleep. (no steroids here)


Owen Hart!?!?! - On May 23, 1999 he fell to his death in Kansas City, Missouri, during the Over the Edge 1999 pay-per-view event. Died from internal bleeding and blunt chest trauma. I remember watching this PPV and since Owen had been a member of almost every stable in the WWE over the past decade I thought it was a gimmick to join the Ministry of Darkness. Wish he did because I really enjoyed watching Owen become better than his brother Brett(my opinion).


Buzz Sawyer - heart attack

Crash Holly - OD pain killers

Kerry Von Erich - suicide

Chris Candido - blood clot from surgery

Yokozuna - heart attack he was 700 lbs!

Big Dick Dudley - kidney failure

Brian Pillman - - arteriosclerotic heart disease (Heart failure from plaque build up in arteries)

Latino Heat - died as a result of acute heart failure, caused by undiagnosed arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Benoit - suicide (roid induced)

British Bulldog - heart attack

Johnny grunge - sleep apnea (swallowed his tongue)

Vivian Vachon - Road accident

Rick Rude - OD GHB and Roids

Miss Elizabeth - OD on medications and vodka

Big Boss Man - heart attack

Mike Awesome - Suicide

and my personal favorite...

Adrian Adonis, who was killed in a car crash. When the driver, Mike Kelly, swerved in order to avoid hitting a moose and then blinded by the setting sun, inadvertently drove into a lake. Kelly survived.

So aside from Benoit, and Rick Rude (direct link to roids in death) everyone else's name was used in speculation as people that died under the age of 50. Benoit and Rude the only two directly linked to steroid use. These were just a list of names I recognized and wrote down. That's 2 out of 19. Come on Nancy do a tab bit more research on this. 1 word Wikipedia. It will tell you how they all died.

Also for the love of GOD please get the people who were screwed by the WWE out of the credible source of info for interviews. Mero didn't have as big of tits as his wife, gone. Debra, well shes a loud mouth, no wonder Stunning Steve Austin drank so much beer. Finally Superstar Billy Graham, the one who should be the responsible one and say hey my fault for mainstreaming this fad to be big and cut. You could stop all arguments by saying hey its my fault for grooming this generation into thinking "I need this to get ahead" instead of faulting the company for not having health benefits for you.

My Daddy always told me that if you have something to say you better stand by it! So Here is your special war time edition of The Soup Du Jour, served only to the bitches and snitches with a heaping load of my spit. ENJOY!

I find it Very interesting that during Mero's interview a fantastic screen sized business card is flashed, just in case you feel that you'd like to do some self improvement to yourself at the Marc Mero's Body Slam Training Institute in the "New Generation of Training".

I personally Like when they go to the Lawyers for their opinion. Especially When the woman says "the teenagers that emulate Benoit and emulate the Grunge". I'll tell you this if anyone ever emulated the Grunge I'll rip my skull open and stick my brain in a meet grinder.


NWARef said...

I have remained silent on this issue, But when I see the list of 100 wrestlers dead before their time, I have to comment. Most of the people on the list died from a disease (Mark Curtis/Stomach Cancer, Haystacks Calhoun/Diabeties) or a Overdose (Gino hernandez/Cocaine, Curt Henning/Cocaine). I am not defending the use of steriods,Drug use/abuse, But please(Directed to Nancy Grace) if you are going to state a list of 100 wrestlers make it relivant. I personally knew Mark Curtis & I know that he never took steroids!

Shawn Patrick

TunaSoup said...

Thank you Shawn!

I appologize for your friend having passed away, but this broad generalization must be put to an end and Nancy Grace is at the forefront of bad mouthing the wrestlers that do not need to be black listed due to their contributions to professional wrestling.


Anonymous said...

Marc Mero is no longer married to Rena "Sable" Mero. Brock Lesnar is her current husband.