Monday, July 02, 2007

Soup Du Jour

What Monday Night Raw needs to do...Well what can they do, honestly? I'm one on of the many wrestling fans who still has a sour taste in my mouth with the whole Benoit thing. But as much as I'd like to blow off Raw tonight to see an early showing of Transformers the movie (yes I am a nerd, but everyone needs a hobby), in all likely hood I'll be at my house watching Raw and eating a Chicken Palermo Salad (went to the store)!

So Already announced for this evening is Santino Morello Vs. Umaga. Barf! Okay simply put WWE, you brought around Umaga as an undefeatable power, but now you have nothing to do with him. If he wins the title what can he do draw Lashley, Booker T, Orton, or even Jeff Hardy to boost up the I.C. title, well can't do that because then Super Cena will have no one to face (which in MY honest opinion is perfect because he is a safer to bet on than to bet on The Steelers beating the browns). So Easy solution Kill Umaga.

Cena, catch the flu or something so the world knows you are not perfect. Now your WWE Title can be up for grabs for against lets say Randy Orton, Lashley, and HHH (summer slam). Well hold your e-mails and text messages..."what about King Booker T" right? Well here is what needs to happen, King Booker gets pick pocketed by Cryme Time and reverts to hood to get even, and then eventually joins with cryme time with thebrooklyn boys to form The Harlem and Brooklyn Connection, a.k.a. the HBC. HBC then Fueds with The Tag Team Champs (next paragraph) and The WWE Champ John Cena who is accused of being a honkey.

The Tag Team Champs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch will begin to fued with the Hardys more and then London and Kendrick will join in. The three of these teams I can see being this generations or a poor mans version of the Hardys, Dudleys, Edge and Christian TLC matches. However the fourth team will emerge, Cryme Time, whose different style will catch these tag teams off guard. Boosting the Tag division to an instant fan favorite.

If this happens I'd be greatly supprised. All I want is a little variety in title holders. I don't like to going to pay-per-views and predicting the entire card with out seeing a match. If I had my way we'd see:

#1 a new WWE Champ I prefer Mr. Kennedy(when he can come back)or HHH or Randy Orton
#2 Santino Vs. Shelton Benjiman or Crazy or Davari or Jeff Hardy
#3 World Tag Champs The Rednecks fued with the obvious Racial Difference Controversy = Cash
#4 Hardys Vs. London Kendrick Obviously the world is not ready to see Matt and Jeff like the used to be I.E. London and Kendrick
#5 I want one or 2 stables I wanted a DX / N.W.O Fued so bad last year...But if Booker T drops the accent and joins cryme time that would be enough for me.
#6 Less womens matches as the match before the main event on PPV's

And I'd also like to see the Triumphant Return of the Soup Du Jour!

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Tim Haught said...

Umaga winning the IC title last night was pointless. It does nothing for anyone involved.

I am ok with the proposed HBC storyline, but not just yet. I think that King Booker has a lot of life left in him. I think the only guy I would be interested in as champion with a win over Cena is Ken Kennedy.

Cena holding that belt for so long makes it very significant when someone finally takes it from him. Remember how fans were clamoring for Austin to be the champ. Maybe WWE is waiting for that next guy that WWE can't wait to see hold the gold, rather than just wanting Cena to lose it to anyone and everyone. Umaga, world champ? Please.

The tag champs got no love last night on Raw.

I really don't want to see Triple H as the World Champ anytime soon.

Most of the good workers you mentioned in the IC title hunt are jobbers.

WWE puts on crap before PPV main events on purpose so that people can go get a bathroom and concession break. This is most obvious at Wrestlemania V when Bobby Heenan vs. The Red Rooster leads into Hogan/Savage.