Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wrestling Reporter's Journal

Probably one of the biggest perks of covering this sport is the opportunity to meet some of the young up-and-comers in the sport. Looking at guys like Matt Riviera, Ricky Landell, Jason Static, Eddie Kingston, Thoruf Marius, The Nerdy Boys...ad nauseum, I can see that the future of wrestling is alive and kicking.

I'm reminded of something a young Paul Levesque (Triple-H) once told me a long time ago, even before his oh-so-memorable stint in WCW. "As long as there are kids at home watching the product on Saturday mornings, be it WCW, WWF (WWE), whatever, Hicks, there is always going to be a crop of talented young guys to push wrestling forward."

And how right Trips turned out to be.

I have no doubt at the time that he saw himself as one of those young hungry guns in the industry looking to make a break when the time was right. In that respect, it proves that even the highest of the high once competed in high school gymnasiums and park recreation centers.

Of course, Hunter went on to bigger things than most. He made more than enough of a break for himself, marrying the boss' daughter and essentially inheriting the company upon which all of wrestling tradition is being bestowed.

Not bad for a young Terra Ryzing to aspire. With any luck, all of the autograhed pictures on my wall from guys you've never heard of will be very significant in years to come.

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