Tuesday, August 14, 2007

R.I.P. Brian Adams, A.K.A. Crush

According to the WWE.com website, "World Wrestling Entertainment has learned that Brian Adams, also known to our fans as Crush, has been found dead today."

Read more on the WWE site.


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Tim Haught said...

My favorite wrestler Randy Savage suggested his friend Kona Crush was ready for a shot at the World title. He had him face Yokozuna, and Zuna hurt Crush. Crush returned with a heel goatee, and you knew it was going to go down. He then debuted a purple and silver look, with his head shaved on the sides. By all standards of decency, the look was incredibly gay, but at the time I remember thinking he looked so bad ass. I don't think that Crush ever really lived up to his full potential in the wrestling business. For a big guy, pre-Kronik, he was much better than history will remember. Rest in Peace Crush.

Rest in Peace Missing Link as well.