Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The O'Rawlly Factor: Things are Looking Up?

Welcome readers to a new weekly feature on Pro Wrestling Pundit. Following our 1 year anniversary which took place September 1st, I have decided to do a weekly Raw report.

Last night, WWE shattered internet rumors that Mr. Kennedy would be Mr. McMahon's illegitimate son. Could this be because of the impending suspensions levied recently? Only time will tell. The only clue wrestling fans have is that "things are looking up." Interesting since thus far in 2007, things have all been downhill thus far.

I personally haven't given a damn about this storyline since it started, and to be honest, I haven't been too into making sure I catch Raw yet this year. Nothing has really grabbed my attention. The draft lottery was a flop, the McMahon death angle was crap before the Benoit incident, and this is just more of the same.

I am happy to see Ken Kennedy not saddled with the stress of being a McMahon for the rest of his career. Family related storylines tend to dominate everything a superstar does until he retires. This is a blessing in disguise. After all, it's Kennedy's gimmick to say his name. Why fix something that's not broken?

The segment with all four McMahon's was just plain terrible, and hopefully ratings will show that the majority of fans tuned out. It's doubtful, but I personally would like to see more W and less E when it comes to my WWE main events.

The wrestling on Raw has a chance of possibly getting a lot better in light of theses suspensions and releases. With the recent release of the only over tag team on any WWE brand roster, Cryme Tyme, Paul London and Brian Kendrick now have the opportunity to actually gain some momentum on Raw. If Haas serves a suspension, this could be the perfect time to elevate Shelton Benjamin back into the IC title picture. Imagine the matches he and Jeff Hardy could have. Is a Hair vs. Hair ladder match in the cards? Doubtful, but it would be more interesting than what they are likely planning.

Yes, Jeff Hardy is once again IC champion, and while it by itself is fairly well-trodden territory, it was the best business decision WWE could make with Umaga likely on the shelf due to a steroid suspension. Hardy is looking better with his short hair, and there are plenty of guys for him to work. Regardless of how I feel about him, he stays over. That is undeniable.

Interesting that he was able to snag a clean victory over the Samoan Bulldozer, as it seemed later on in the night that WWE was trying to keep Umaga strong for his return. More interesting because Jeff himself is now returning from being suspended himself.

Triple H had the pleasure of being the one to dispose of Umaga. Great, he's been back two weeks and he's already killed King Booker and Umaga. Carlito is next, then likely Kennedy, then Orton. And what for? The same tired crap...

As Triple H worked over Umaga with a sledgehammer, I actually found myself sympathetic towards the former Intercontinental Champion. Was the second shot really necessary? Umaga is like a wild animal who doesn't understand. Yes, Triple H needed to do what he had to to protect himself from Umaga's assault, but by the end he was viciously attacking a man who seemingly didn't know any better. As Umaga fought to return to his feet, Triple H lowered the final boom, then held Umaga's head up like a big game trophy. Triple H has done nothing for me as a fan since he captured his first title belt. It hasn't been "his time" in some time. Unfortunately, he has the stroke to keep telling us otherwise.

Triple H, himself, needs to realize what brought him to the dance. He was a strong midcard heel in a company with Steve Austin, the Rock, Mankind, and the Undertaker in the main events. WWE made him and Kurt Angle into forces so that many men could carry the ball. Other than elevating John Cena, I don't know what real contributions Triple H has made to the future of the business. I will tell you however that he killed any momentum Booker T, Rob Van Dam, or Kane could have had as legit main eventers. Now he is killing the next generation.

Speaking of hair, with Jeff Hardy and Benjamin earlier, What the hell did Carlito do to himself? His fro was basically his gimmick. Without any muscle tone to speak of, Carlito is now just a dude. When the recently released Mike "Nova" "Simon Dean" Bucci debuted in the WWE, he had to cut his hair cause it matched too closely to Triple H. Maybe Carlito's doo was a little bit too close to Steph's pubes...

About the only thing really good storyline wise going on with Raw is the Women's title hunt. It sucks because I don't think anyone has had time to give a shit about Beth Phoenix, but I marked out for Candice running in to make the save and then totally pussing out at the sight of "The Glamazon." While he is not the size of Chyna, nor does she have the muscle mass of Jazz, she is being used perfectly, and she's way hotter than either of the two aforementioned former divas.

PWP readers may be interested to know that PWP columnists Dash Bennett and Daron Smythe have worked against Phoenix in the past. Maybe they could add some insight into how she is being used currently by the WWE.

Santino Marella is the current king of raw one-liners. I don't really care for when that arm sling comes off, but in the mean time, he is gold as a midcard heel.

Is Raw GM William Regal on the chopping block for his association with that pharmacy list? John Cena certainly took it to him last night. Cena and Orton's match at the last house show I attended was off the charts, and I've heard nothing but good about their Summerslam match as well. I really feel these two have the goods to pop a decent buyrate for Unforgiven regardless of the current goings-on in the WWE. Heck, maybe things actually are looking up.

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