Sunday, September 09, 2007

Who Can Invigorate the WWE?


What’s up with this???

Every time I open up a web browser, my Google Desktop is telling me that another WWE wrestler has been suspended, or that another one has quit.

The two latest additions to the quit category are Ric Flair and King Booker. Reports are saying that both of these major players are upset with some current decisions and policies.

Now the question is how will WWE react? Two options come to mind to fill the void of the stars that are leaving and those who are being suspended, unable to fill time on shows, and unable to build storylines.

Option one is to begin filtering some of their developing talent up the ranks of their development territories and try to cultivate them into characters that handle the rigors of the road, as well as the tightened policy on substance and performance enhancement use. This is very possible and may in fact be the way to go.

However, the other way to go is to look back in WWE history at the past employees we have not heard from in a while. Getting a familiar face on tv with a little history might be just the shot in the arm to spur ratings and fan interest.

Who can step out from the shadows to help the WWE out? It will have to be someone who has the ability to pop a crowd and to deliver excitement.

There are innumerable possibilities out there, but one in particular that I would like to see is Psycho Sid.

Say what you want about Sid. Sure, he poked more holes in Arn Anderson than a noodle strainer with a pair of scissors back in the early 90’s, but he’s long since been forgiven for that little error in judgment. And sure, he has been known to be a little more interested in getting his games of softball in than making the next road trip, but he’s probably gotten that out of his system since then, plus I heard ball cleats bother him since the nasty spill he took facing Big Poppa Pump at WCW Sin, 2001.

I am making light of some of the unfortunate things that have taken place during Sid’s career, but I am serious that I think Sid could make an impact in WWE.

I want to see him come in and liven things up a bit. These young guys are walking around like they own the place, prancing around giving weak bumps to one another. Give me a break. Stiffen up a bit. Sid will come in a show them what a monster really is. He’ll wring Santino Marella’s neck so hard, his forearm will pop his body glove arm brace off. Then he’ll flip him upside down and power bomb him so hard, Marella’s back tats will rub off on the canvas.

Just stay off the top rope, Sid.

The man’s promos are unbelievable. No scripting needed for Sid. He just needs an idea of where to go and he’ll cut a blood-curdling interview that will have you thinking that he is going to wreck whoever stands in his way. Hopefully, if WWE heeds my suggestion then the first person on Sid’s termination list will be Chris Masters – boy, I can’t stand that punk – of course some speculation is that he could be on his way out, too, due to wellness violations.

The last I heard of Sid, it was shoot interview my college roommate picked up. He was talking smack about Vince. Some will say he’s burnt his bridge with WWE, but I’ve seen sicker dogs than that get better.

So there you go. If Flair and Booker are gone, then somebody should hunt down Sid Eudy. He’s got the gift of gab to make up for the loss of Flair, and the size and crushing power of King Booker.

Don’t think it’s possible?

Well, I just read that Sid was in a feud with Jerry Lawler in Memphis Wrestling during July, and that he referenced a return to WWE in a recent interview. Don’t believe me? Check out his wiki.


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Tim Haught said...

I've also heard the rumblings about Sid coming back, and personally, I am ok with it.

I think Sid has the look, and he's not completely terrible in the ring.

WWE tends to book him in a way that is interesting. If he is still in shape, I think he'd be a welcome addition to the Smackdown or ECW brand. I am not sure if there is room for him on Raw.