Thursday, October 04, 2007

Vote For Val - Click Here!

Currently on WWE.com, they are running a poll asking who should be the next WWE champion. Val Venis is dominating the whole Raw roster with 46 percent of the vote. Apparantely everyone else sees the undeniable talent in the ring and on the mic, and want to see this guy do more. Click the link to see the results as they were at 9:00 on Thursday night. Then click the Vote for Val link at the top and support Venis!

Brian Kendrick 0.13 %
Carlito 0.69 %
Charlie Haas 0.05 %
Cody Rhodes 0.23 %
Daivari 0.79 %
Hacksaw Jim Duggan 0.13 %
Hardcore Holly 0.11 %
Jeff Hardy 3.26 %
King Booker 0.33 %
Lance Cade 0.02 %
Mr. Kennedy 7.26 %
Paul London 0.73 %
Randy Orton 1.94 %
Robbie McAllister 0.02 %
Ron Simmons 0.66 %
Rory McAllister 0.04 %
Santino Marella 0.18 %
Shelton Benjamin 0.58 %
Snitsky 13.76 %
Super Crazy 0.09 %
Trevor Murdoch 5.69 %
Triple H 16.36 %
Umaga 0.28 %
Val Venis 46.52 %


Jedd Johnson, CSCS said...

Val is truly skilled and his proven able to play a variety of rolls - porn star Val Venis, Right to Censor cult member, Bischoff's commissioner Chief Morley, and now Val Venis again.

The guy has continued in the sport even after surgery from various injuries. As he ages, he still keeps himself in great shape, so his dedication to the appearance is still intact.

I could believe in a title run of his if they built some legitimacy for him. Maybe if Orton gets and holds the title for a while they can start moving in that direction, since Orton is the legend killer. I won't call Val a legend just yet - but he is definitely established and experienced.

Dash Bennett said...

It's a shame they haven't done more with Val over the years. Jed, he can be considered a veteran defenitely, but not so much a legend. At this point in his career I don't forsee a singles title run, so his best bet may be to find a Tag Team partner and hope for some gold in that area.