Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DiBiase; IC Title Match

Mike DiBiase, the son of former WWE agent and WWF star Ted DiBiase passed along the following to me:

December 8 in Charlotte,NC I will be facing Damien Wayne for the NWA North American Heavyweight Title. If you know the history, my father held this title before it became what we know now as the WWE Intercontinental Title. It originated out of Stu Harts Stampede. Bret Hart held this Title as well. Basically there is a ton of history with the NWA and my family, Terry Funk being my God father held the NWA World title numerous times as well as Harley Race who trained me and is a close family friend was an 8 Time NWA World Champ. As a 3rd generation wrestler this is huge as history is beginining to repeat itself and get better....it may be destiny to hold the prestigious NWA North American Title...maybe even the NWA World title....we will see!

Just thought you all may be interested in this story!

Thanks, Mike DiBiase

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Nikita said...

I'm going to be a dick and make a correction...

This NWA North American Championship is not the same one that his father held. The North American Title that his father held, also is not the same championship that Bret Hart held.

Dibiase held the Mid South North American Championship on three occasions. This championship (kind of) became the UWF Heavyweight Championship. Mid-South's Bill Watts was never an NWA member, so this very prestegious championship was not an NWA title... at least during the time when Dibiase held it.

Bret Hart held Stampede Wrestling's North American Championship six times, but DiBiase never held this championship. In fact, both titles existed at the same time, and it looks like in 1980, both men held the championships simultaniously.

The mythical WWWF North American Championship was a prop title that DiBiase "brought" into the territory, and he promptly lost to Pat Patterson. Patterson then took said title and defended it against all the other continental champions in a mythical tournament in Rio de Janero that crowned the first ever Intercontinental Champion.

Damien Wayne holds the current NWA North American Championship, which was created by Jim Crockett in his Texas based promotion in 1994. Greg Valentine was billed as champion. This is the same title that Jeff Jarrett won on a WWF Raw back in 1997. At that point, the NWA Board of Directors began to sanction the championship, rather than individual NWA promoters using the name as a regional championship.

Either way you look at it, the championship held by Damian Wayne was never held by Ted Dibiase.