Monday, February 11, 2008

Is it Possible? Could Finlay be a top Face?

Tonight on Raw we have seen the solidifying of the feud between Finlay and Mr. McMahon. Historically, Mr. McMahon feuds with one of the top faces in the company. Can this mean that they are considering Finlay one of the top babyfaces?

In recent years, Mr. McMahon has only spent significant time in storylines with some of the top babyfaces at the time.

When Hogan returned, Mr. McMahon was all over his case.

Vince feuded with DX to build their popularity once more.

When Lashley got one of his biggest pushes, it was spurred by a heated angle against Mr. McMahon that culminated in Vince's head being shaved.

Now, we see Finlay smashing McMahon in the head with a shillelagh, and McMahon threatening Finlay with possible dismissal.

Sure - this face-off is logical. McMahon is constantly riding Hornswoggle's ass. Finlay has come to the aid of the shortest adult McMahon about half a dozen times. It's only a matter of time until McMahon's ire gets the best of him and he goes after Finlay.

Yet still it surprises me to see McMahon investing his time in a guy like Finlay. No disrespect meant to Finlay, but the guy isn't exactly known for being at the top of the title picture...

Is this an effort to build the stardom of another member of the roster and to deepen the Raw talent pool?

Is this merely a contract obligation to Finlay being met by Vince?

Is this an attempt to slowly steer McMahon away from the seemingly never ending angle in which he has found himself with Hornswoggle, his illegitimate son?

To tell you the truth, I don't think any of these possibilities are what we are really seeing.

While I'd be happy to see a long-time veteran like Finlay get a push, it is just too hard for me to believe in this angle.

I'm getting a strange vibe from this whole deal.

Let's face it - Finlay is not one of the top babyfaces.

Finlay is not getting a huge face push.

I smell HEEL turn.

At No Way Out, we're all getting swurved - Finlay will turn on Hornswoggle and hand him a beating worse than the one King Kong Bundy administered to Little Beaver at Wrestlemania III.

What do you think?



Nikita said...

I think at WM we're getting Shane & Vince vs Finlay & Hornswoggle.

Finlay *is* a top face - not in a smark internet way, but by honest fan reaction. Who gets a bigger pop than Finlay? Cena? HHH? HBK? Batista? Taker? Rey Jr? Hardy? Those are the top faces in WWE. Finlay gets a better reaction than guys like Punk and Kane, two other guys considered top level faces I would think - maybe even bigger than Rey Jr.

TunaSoup said...

I Think so...

Honestly in the WWE world of Super Monsters and Baby faces...Finy's gap toothed smile gets tons of pop. Raw's emergence of Horny as a face and Finy's mear association makes him top face value. Especially when you knock down McMahon