Friday, April 06, 2007

I like the new ECW

There, I said it.

Every Tuesday night, I park myself in front of the television to watch my favorite hour of WWE programming each week.

Yes, I realize this is not the same ECW that brought us crucifixion angles, historic title belts being thrown down and naked ladies dancing atop arenas.

I get more action in this one hour of wrestling than from a company that boasts "Total Nonstop Action" in its name. I typically see one or two matches that go ten minutes or longer. I get a nice blend of high flying, hardcore and mat-based wrestling.

I'm witnessing the birth of a future world champion. No, I'm not talking about C.M. Punk (who I'll discuss later) but Elijah Burke, leader of the New Breed. Elijah has it all, the look, the mic skills, the in-ring ability. I see no reason why he won't hold a world championship within the next three to five years.

For years, people have complained that Vince changes talent who already have good gimmicks on the independent circuit. Enter C.M. Punk. I loved the original backstage promos. Here is a man who would describe his lifestyle so intensely, then his music would fire up as he burned a hole in the camera lens with his glare. I thought his character would lend itself more to a feud with say...the Sandman, but I like that they are pushing a wrestler based on his wrestling ability. What's even more amazing is how the crowds have taken to him. How about Survivor Series when "C.M. Punk" chants erupted in the arena, overshadowing a ring that contained Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Edge and Randy Orton.

And finally, I'll discuss the current ECW World Champion, Bobby Lashley. Lashley is an interesting choice to lead the new ECW brand, but I have to say I've enjoyed watching him grow into the role. Lashley is proof that the smiley babyface can still get over, even in 2007. I hope to watch his ring work improve to that of his predecessor, Brock Lesnar. For Lashley to grow in that fashion, he needs to be in the ring with some ring generals on the level of Angle or Taker, much like Lesnar was given during his title run. With the right opponents and angles, Lashley is a megastar waiting in the wings.

There are many other great things about this brand, the vastly underrated Matt Striker, Monty Brown in a WWE ring (where he belongs) and even Extreme Expose (for bathroom breaks).

I like the new ECW and I'm not ashamed to admit it.


Tim Haught said...

I actually boycotted the New ECW after watching the first show. I have been waiting for someone to tell me there is something worth watching on it since. Maybe this week I will make my way to the basement (the only TV with digital cable) so that I can check out Elijah Burke and the rest of ECW.

Daron Smythe said...

I think Elijah Burke is someone you will like in that he has the total package, instead of just being good at one aspect. It's surprising to me considering how much I hated him and Turkay together.