Monday, April 23, 2007

Introducing myself and thoughts on Randy Orton

Hello wrestling fans! Before i get started here, i would personally like to thank everyone at Pro Wrestling Pundit for giving me the oppurtunity to be part of their team. I look forward to a long relationship with them.

So now let me give you a little background on me personally. I have been a big wrestling fan for many, many years. As far back as i can remember. I grew up watching wrestling in the old school era of Mid-South Wrestling as well as World Class Wrestling. Those were the days!! Great wrestling action.

Now as you will become to learn about me if you are a repeated visitor of my blogs, I am very straight forward. I say whats on my mind and leave nothing behind. Which brings me to my first topic......Randy Orton.

For those of you that havent heard yet, the WWE has been doing a tour recently of the U.K. And while this is all "brand new" news and we are just getting bits and pieces at a time. It is rumored that Mr. Orton was found in his hotel room passed out and his room was to be estimated at well over $30,000 in damages!! This really sickens me. Now number one, no i have never been in the business, but i still think that there is a way to handle yourself professionally, and Randy Orton has proved over and over again numerous times, that he just cant do it.

How many chances has the WWE gave this young man? Its really a shame. Because he is an outstanding talent! Unlimited talent at that! But what is it that makes this man do the things he does? Is he that arrogant? Can he not handle the pressure of being a WWE Superstar? I, unfortunately, do not have those answers.

What should be done about it you ask? Well if I was Vince McMahon and the WWE, and granted, im not, I would personally send Mr. Orton home!! Just because he is one of your top talents, doesnt mean he gets any different treatment. Wasnt it just a couple of months back when the WWE fired Joey Mercury and sent him home for violating the wellness program? There should be the same consequences for Randy Orton. Maybe its time to shake things up in the WWE. Give those guys who are watering at the mouth, like CM Punk, Mr. Kennedy, and hell for that matter Chris Benoit the ball and let them run with it!

I guess in a round about way, im just more disappointed seeing a great, young talent like Orton throw what could be a great career away. Theres still time Randy. Get yourself together anddo the right thing!

Well everyone, there you have it. My first post here at Pro Wrestling Pundit. I hope you enjoyed it and i look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. Until next time, watch out for the "ChairShot"!!


bradyhicks said...

To my knowledge Randy Orton has not failed a drug test in more than a year. While I am not personally a fan of his work, he remains a top star on a brand that needs as many stars as it can. If he pays for the damages and fines, I don't see why he shouldn't be able to come back to work.

Read Shawn Michaels' book. The comparisons are amazing.

ChairShot said...

Well thats not entirely true. I dont know if he was "tested", but just a little over a month ago prior to Wrestlemania 23, Orton was being listed in Sports Illustrated for obtaining the drugs clomiphene citrate and the steroids stanozolol, nandrolone, anastrozole, oxandrolone, and testosterone.

Tim Haught said...

Hey guys, I've had a lot going on so it's been a little slow from me on articles and getting the new profile images up, but this was a great article and is spurring the exact type of pro-wrestling discussion I was hoping for. Sweet stuff. The week after next I should get a whole hell of a lot of promoting done.

bradyhicks said...

The reports I've read suggest Orton obtained prescriptions for those steroids, and even at that it was prior to the start of the Wellness Program.