Friday, April 13, 2007

Two Words, One Man

As I said in my article last week, I like TNA. I really do. I enjoy it much more than anything Vince has put out in the last few years. I enjoy the personalities that TNA has produced, I enjoy the athleticism that TNA delivers, and most importantly I enjoy the actual wrestling that takes place on TNA.

There are a few things I don't like about TNA though and last nights Impact had more than its normal share of them. You see normally I let the things I don't like about TNA slide. I mean really the half-developed story lines I can forgive because they only have one hour of TV a week so it really isn't much of a shock that the story lines are a little half cocked. As long as the wrestling is good who cares.

Don West and Mike Tenay I can forgive for being complete and utter tools because.... OK really I can't forgive them, so I just ignore them instead. The commercial breaks mid-match I can forgive because that's what pays the bills. Last night was a different story though. Last night all these things annoyed me.

Why, Chris? Why did these things annoy you more than anything last night? Oh TNA Prophet, why are you annoyed going into one of the biggest pay-per-view events in the history of TNA Wrestling?

Well since you so very much want to know, I'll tell you. My problem is two words. Two words that form one man. And those words (and that man) is Jeff Jarrett. Double J put me on annoyance level 10.

In possibly the worst kept secret in recent TNA history, even worse than Kurt Angle coming to TNA, Jeff Jarrett returned to the ring last night, interfering in the AJ Styles / Samoa Joe match on the side of Team Angle. Yes, Jeff Jarrett is back and he is the fifth member of Team Angle for the Lethal Lockdown match, joining Angle, Sting, Joe and Rhyno. Not only is Jarrett back, but he very nearly ruined Impact for me last night and has seriously soured my mood going into Lockdown on Sunday. Jarrett's return had everything I don't like in TNA rolled into one.

Over the course of the final 15 minutes of Impact everything I dislike about TNA reared its ugly head and then Jarrett topped it all of like a cherry on a sadistic sundae. Don West and Mike Tenay made numerous inane statements throughout the AJ / Joe match, then in the middle of the match they cut to commercial only to return and show me something, via replay, that I didn't miss because it aired before the commercial break. Then with Joe on the verge of winning, Christian's Army (by the way, how hokey can you get? Why don't they just paint red crosses on their chest. I mean really they already have Sir Galahad.) enters the Impact Zone and of course out comes Team Angle to fend them off.

While a ridiculous melee is going on at ringside, Jarrett's terrible entrance music plays and he walks out of the tunnel, enters the ring, looks at Joe, looks at AJ and then smacks AJ over the head with his guitar. Jarrett then proceeds to make Joe smell his hand, flashing his five fingers directly in Joe's face, solidifying the half cocked Lethal Lockdown storyline as completely moronic. All this happens with the inane commentary of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum screaming like the Korean's have launched a nuclear missile strike.

I was quite excited for Lockdown on Sunday but now, after these events, well not so much. Thanks Double J. Glad you are back. When are you leaving again?

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