Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's All About the Wrestling: Why of Why?

I don't understand why they keep doing it but for some reason TNA insists on doing it. What I am talking about is the overflow of gimmick matches that produce for their pay-per-view events. Recently announced was a match between "The Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm and former NFL tight end, Frank Wycheck. I have no problem with Wycheck, the guy went to high school around the corner from where I grew up, Archbishop Ryan High School in Philadelphia, and he was part of one of the most famous plays in NFL history, The Music City Miracle, but neither of these make him qualified to wrestle in a match against a scarecrow, let alone an actual professional wrestler.

Didn't they try something like this recently involving baseball players anyway. What's next Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson tag teaming against LAX? Maybe Daniel Alfredsson vs. Petey Williams? How about Maria Sharapova taking on Gail Kim? OK so the last one actually is one I would pay for but still what is up with the weird celebrity gimmick matches?

These matches hardly ever end good for anyone. Do you remember when David Arquette won the WCW title? Or the triple cage match he was involved in? How about Kevin Federline on WWE programming? Like anybody needed him getting more exposure. For every celebrity appearance that goes well, or at least doesn't suck, we get a handful that don't work. I'm not paying for celebrity wrestling, I'm paying for real wrestling. If I wanted celebrity wrestling I would watch celebrity deathmatch.

Enough with the in-ring celebrity appearances already. Please for the love of all that is good and holy, cool it.

Now onto some reader mail:

I agree with you100 percent from your article. TNA has to many great wrestlers who they have nothing to do with. Petey Williams, LAX, and etc. need to be facing top tier people. They need two hours, and they need to compete against wwe. While having there own night is nice they need to compete against the wwe "b" shows. I love wrestling wwe, tne, even wsx (rip). Wrestling is at the beginining of a great run. Let joe win is wrong though. AJ is the leader, and franchise of tna. He is Shane Douglas.


Thanks for the e-mail Buddy. As much as I like AJ and believe he is the heart and soul of the organization, having AJ win the title (at this point) is counter productive to TNAs expansion goals. Joe is a heavyweight and heavyweights are who the general public expect to be holding the big titles. Having AJ hold the title, something he has done in the past, doesn't advance the company and that is what needs to happen. TNA already has a ton of obstacles in their way, adding AJ as champion isn't one they need to add.

Now, don't get me wrong, I feel AJ is world champion material but in this current transition period, TNA needs something that they can count on. Joe has the look of a champion, he fits in with what the public perceives a champion to be. I do feel that AJ will be champion in the foreseeable future though, because as you said he is AJ is a leader and he is a very important part of both the current success of TNA, as well as the future success of the organization.

Well that's it for this week, as always you can shoot me an e-mail at pwp.chris@gmail.com. Catch you next week.

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