Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Here's another Draft Lottery, and here's me giving a damn

This just in: As part of the draft lottery next week, WWE will be launching another brand, that will become the company's D Brand. The name? Fourthbrand. Expect Vince McMahon to book himself to become the Undisputed Crunchy Melty Spicy Grilled Champion, just to add another World Title to his resume. In addition, with the lack of success of Saturday Night's Main Event, WWE is going to try to bring back such classics as Shotgun Saturday Night, Sunday Morning Superstars, and Thursday Raw Thursday in an attempt to bring back the ratings.

Let's face it, Wrestling today just isn't what it was 10 years ago. Vince had tried hopelessly over the years to rekindle the magic of the Monday Night Wars, but nothing short of the return of a big name, giving away a huge title or gimmick match on free TV, or constantly showcasing the biggest names on the Fed's payroll has done so yet. Vince's latest answer to this a few years back was the draft lottery. It was a unique concept, and for a while it worked. With a smaller roster to work with, more midcard guys got TV time and pushes. They were running twice the number of house shows to generate some extra cash. When they would hold CoBranded PPVs it meant something huge when guys from Smackdown and Raw were shown backstage in an altercation. But over the years, and the last few months especially, the limits of being on one roster has gone completely out the window. Now WWE is trying to trick us into forgetting this. Perfect example… last night on Raw during the Tag Title Match Ross and Lawler speculate the Hardy's being split up in the upcoming draft… Um, they're already on separate shows.

Is another draft lottery really the answer? All signs point to know. The fact that they requested 3 hours from USA for this just shows that they are trying to do it as a ratings ploy. I would say that it would be a good idea to mix the rosters up a little, give some guys a new chance to shine, start some new angles and feuds, even out the top names between the brands. But will all of this mean anything in the long run? I'm sure they'll try to reinforce the rules for a little while just to get the concept of the draft over, but give it 2 months (3 at the most) we'll be back to seeing ECW guys on Raw, Raw guys on Smackdown, and Smackdown guys on Fourthbrand. Maybe there is no answer. Maybe 10 years from now wrestling will be in a worse state than it is now, or maybe 10 years from now, TNA or some other promotion will step up and give WWE a run for its money so Vince pulls his head out of his ass and steps up the shows. Or maybe 10 years from now WWE will have 7 different brands, one for each night of the week (with an 8th one between Dateline Tuesday and Dateline Katilsday.) Whatever the case, whatever you do, make it consistant, make it mean something, and maybe we'll make it a point to watch.

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