Sunday, June 10, 2007

It’s All About the Wrestling: Goodbye and Good Riddance

A recent injury to Scott Steiner will more than likely force the cancellation of the TNA World Tag Team Title match at Slammiversary between the Dudley’s and the Steiner Brothers. Do I feel bad, yeah for the Steiner’s and I hope Scott gets well soon but really I don’t care at all about Team 3D and I haven’t since they were last in the WWE. Maybe hoping to spark some kind of revival, Devon Dudley is supposedly pushing hard for him and Bubba Ray to return to Vince’s organization.

Personally if I were TNA, I would let them go right now. Let them return to their sacred land of honey and let TNA focus on people who can do more than “Get the Tables”. Sure the table gimmick is fun but it is also considerably played out at this point. I love to watch people go through tables; I enjoy it even more when it is one of these two boobs.

The Dudley’s sit out there and speak about their legacy and how they have beaten everyone and accomplished everything. I have to give it to them on the last one, they have captured all the major belts in American professional wrestling but are they really that good? Every memorable match that they have been in they were the weaker team, regardless of who won the match. The Hardy’s? Better. Edge and Christian? Better. AMW? Better. The New Age Outlaws? Better. LAX? Better. They may have wins against these teams but they certainly were not the better team.

In the late 90s, when extreme wrestling was at its height, the Dudley’s seemed extreme, especially to fans of the relatively tame WWE. Sure some of them watched ECW wrestling and knew they weren’t that extreme but for the most part the Dudley’s caught the average wrestling fan off guard and were able to jump to the top of the pack. But now? Today in 2007? The shtick just doesn’t fly.

Go on Devon head back to papa Vince and collect your paycheck. I’ll be happier when your dumb ass is off TNA TV.

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