Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chyna Changes her Name, Challenges Vince

Joanie Laurer, former WWE wrestler turned porn star, turned train wreck, has legally changed her name and is now looking to change Vince McMahon's face.

The lady who at one time was the women's champion of the WWE, has also challenged Vince McMahon to a one-time match.

She claims the challenge has to do with the way she has been treated by Vince the last 8 years, although I could not find any reports of mistreatment towards her on Vince's part.

I hope this move turns out to be a positive thing for Chyna, now that she can legally call herself that without worry of legal pressure from Vince. Since her departure from the WWE, it has been a consistent down slide featuring drug abuse, bad relationships and desperate attempts for attention. This is truly just her latest attempt for that attention she seems to deserve, but hopefully, it will be enough of an internal victory that she can begin to move on and continue to rebuild her livelihood.

Check out the interview on TMZ.com, Here.


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Tim Haught said...

Warning: The Following is not PC...

When I was in middle school I remember thinking the worst thing you could ever do was cross a special education student. Why?

Because if you get into a fight with them and they beat you, you are forever remembered as getting beat up by a retard.

If you beat them up, what have you done? You've beat up a retard. That pretty much makes you a terrible person.

It's a lose-lose situation.

Chyna vs. Vince is similar. Win or lose, if Vince ever was forced to answer this challenge he'd come out looking horrible.