Wednesday, April 11, 2007

PWI Reporter's Notebook

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I still have an hour of Raw to watch, an hour of ECW to watch, and last week's entire SmackDown on tape waiting for me. And I really need to get those done before iMPACT tomorrow night, otherwise I'm going to be running out of room on my three VHS tapes. Thank god there's no more Wrestling Society X, right? No - I mean seriously.

Such is the lonely life of a PWI reporter.

It's still not as bad as back in the day when I had 16-1/2 hours to contend with between WWF, WCW, ECW, and local programming that took up hours on end. I mean, have you ever in your entire life HAD to sit through an entire three hour taping of Thunder just in the event that WCW might be planning something original, different, or - at the very least - worthy of writing about?

Didn't think so.

You wrestling fans today have it easy. You complain because you don't like John Cena (the most important champion since The Rock or Steve Austin). You complain because you don't like the particular creative direction that this week's watered down ECW show has taken or you aren't happy that Snitsky is now a monster or you don't even care if Batista learned a new move this week. And does it matter the slightest?


Because Triple-H is no longer raping Katie Vick. Because we don't have to sit through two years of Sting dressing up like the Crow and doing nothing week after week only to come back and appear to conspire with Bret Hart to screw Hulk Hogan out of the title. You don't have the Bushwackers. You don't have preliminary wrestlers main eventing your Saturday Morning Superstars. You don't have Sean Mooney to bitch about.

I think you should all be kissing Vince McMahon's ass for keeping wrestling from returning to what it used to be. I'd take MVP any day of the week over Earthquake's Damian pancakes.


To the mailbag Batman:

Tim writes: WWE needs to protect this guy [Lashley] from the wrath of the smarks, cause he's on his way down Batista Boulevard to John Cena Drive.

Dear Tim: And would that be such a bad thing? I hope for Lashley's sake he is one-sixteenth as successful as John Cena or Batista. That would automatically make him more important than Chris Benoit. Wait a minute. He might be more important as we stand now!


Tim Haught said...

Hey, I liked Sean Mooney. That dude takes way too much junk from today's wrestling faithful.

Interesting comments about Benoit/Lashley...

Brady Hicks sure doesn't pull any punches.

Dash Bennett said...

We do have the Bushwackers today... in their 2007 version they're Scottish.

Yeah, there's alot of good stuff going around right now, but the bad stuff counterbalances it to make it tolerable.

There's still wrestlecrap in wrestling, that will never change. No matter how much we wish upon the magical unicorn, the Sting/Abyss angle will always be about crap (I still don't get it but apparently he shot his dad and is being blackmailed to be a heel or he'll be turned in for a crime that they have already given every last detail about on national TV?) and not actual wrestling.

While I thank the heavens for inventing DVR so I can skip past this crap on my wrestling show, I can't wait to see the awesome chemestry that Cage and Styles have in their promos or how hilarious it is to watch Eric Young's entrance.

While I could REALLY do without the ECW Nitro Girls, I look forward to seeing Stevie Richards get some actual TV time.

I enjoyed watching WSX because it was something different and I hadn't seen most of these guys that are featured on there before, but I can't keep my fingers crossed that there won't be an X Pac sighting?

On a side note, I miss Urban Wrestling... look out, no hip hop beyond this point...