Thursday, May 03, 2007

ECW: R.I.P !!

Hello again wrestling fans! And welcome to my newest blog. It seems my last post created some static. And all i have to say to that is good! I like that. As I claimed in my last blog, I say exactly whats on my mind and I refuse to sugarcoat anything. And that brings me to this weeks blog.

ECW is dead!! Plain and simple. And I already know what your saying, ECW has been dead for several years! And you are right. Im not talking about the shell of its onself. You know the old company that claimed they were "outlaws" and did things their own way. Remember the great classic matches between Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko? How about Raven vs Tommy Dreamer? How about Shane Douglas raising hell as the ECW World Champion? Dont recall any of that? I'll tell you why!

It seems the norm with any wrestling organization that trys to make it these days. You start out real small, building yourself up. And eventually you will get some bigger name wrestling stars come work for you. Then the fan base comes. Then next thing you know, your one of the "top three" organizations. And then the inevitable happens......Vince McMahon takes notice of you!! Then he starts applying the pressure and slowly bleeds the life out of you! Which is exactly what he did with the "old ECW". Him, aswell as WCW, started taking talent, and from there it was slowly all but over. But everyone knows the story there.

Lets fast forward now to present day. So now in 2007, Vince "owns" ECW! And what has he done with it? Not a thing! Vince could have easily kept ECW a seperate organization from his WWE. Regardless if he owns it or not! Ecw has and always will have one of the best loyal fan based organizations ever! You cant go wrong with ECW. Or can you? Vince sure has proved that you can. Lets see......First mistake. Lets put ECW on the Sci-Fi channel!! Pro wrestling on the Sci-Fi channel??? Makes alot of sense! Second.....lets not let anything real major happen in ECW. I mean think about it, what has happened since they have emerged.........NOTHING!!! Third, lets take Bobby Lashley and force him down the fans throat. Im sorry, but Lashley is not what ECW is all about. But regardless, they give him the push, put the belt on him, and let him run on a huge push! I mean he has beat everyone they put in front of him. Just a short list of competitors he has beaten........Umaga, Bob Holly, Johnny Nitro, Mr. Kennedy, and the list goes on. Pretty impressive list of wrestlers there. So who can stop this guy? Vincent Kennedy McMahon!!! Thats who!

Are you kidding me? Fans you may not realize this, but all this is, is one great big slap in the face to not only you the fans, but Paul Heyman as well! Heyman has to be shaking his head in disbelief right now. And if hes not, he should be! This is just another classic case of Vince wins! Vince obviously could care less about his own ECW company. Its all a big joke to him. He got us again! What a shame. What about the few wrestlers in ECW who could have taken that very strap that Vince wears so proudly, and let them carry the ball. How about CM Punk?? Elijah Burke? Rob Van Dam? Nah, none of those guys can wrestle, right Vince?

So therefore proves my statement.....ECW is dead!! And its a real shame. A real shame!!


Dash Bennett said...

As far as the comment about them being on Sci Fi, think about this... how much sense did it make for them to be on TNN? Granted, without the TV deal with them we wouldn't have had "The Network" Storyline with Cyrus and all the great Rock N Bowl jokes, but at first, this was a HUGE thing for ECW. How hard did they struggle to get a TV deal initially? Would the company have stayed alive longer than it did if another station picked it up? Would anyone be complaining in 2000 if ECW was on Sci Fi? Hell no. This is one of the points I was making in an article that I was working on about how the new ECW is possibly better than the old one. I've been at a complete loss since Vince won the belt, and I don't think the article will ever see the light of day...

Kariyanine said...

Lot's of Sci-Fi fans like wrestling too. Besides calling it Extreme Championship Wrestling anymore is pretty much a science fiction story, or at least a fantasy (something the Sci-Fi channel also specializes in).